Reservations only. July thru october
E-mail works best.
Really want to get my attention? Tell me you want to be here for a month or more.
Our phone number is 360-640-4106. Call or TXT.
Reservations $30.00 deposit each site. Send checks for deposits.
Payable to:
Anglers Hideaway
P.O. box 155
Sekiu Washington 98381

Any adjustments will be made at time of arrival.
Reservations are required July-September.
Reservations are not refundable.
We do not take cards.

Self contained vehicles only.
No tenting except for a few of my good friends and you know who you are..

At this time the more you tell us about you the better we can serve you.

You would like us to know:
Your contact information.
What kind and size of vehicles to expect?
How many adults in your party?
Do you need disability considerations?
Do you need a place to keep your boat trailer?
Do you have a special spot or area that you would like to stay.
Are you bringing a pet? See below.

RV/Campers: (One R.V and one transportation vehicle per site).
2 adults per site.
$30 a day, $180 a week, $450 a month

Extras: (Includes day guests)
All guests must register at the office.
        $30 a day for the site next to you. (Park only on your site)
        $100 refundable dog deposit.
        $5 a day for each extra adult.
        $2 a day per kid 5-18.
        $2.50 a day per extra vehicle.
        Kids under 5 free.

All boats/boat trailers and extra vehicles are to be kept in the storage area at all times.

Park Rules:
Register at the office before parking.
 10 MPH Speed limit.
 No Tents.
 Self contained vehicles only.
 No arrivals after 10pm.
 10:00 pm to 8:00 am quiet time.
 11am check out time.
 Noon to 10pm check in time.
 Keep pets on leash and keep them quiet.
 No personal fires.
 No dogs in the storage area.
 No one in the storage area after dark.
 Clean up after your pets.
 No unpaid guests.
 Please help us recycle.
 Clean fish/game where you catch them.
 No public drunkenness.
 Firearms shall be kept locked up.
 No fireworks.
 Help keep our facilities clean.

NOTE: $25 nonrefundable deposit: If you arrive on the arrival date this pays for your first day excluding any extra persons, vehicles, or boat storage. If you do not arrive on the date specified your deposit is absorbed by administration and is probably spent on fishing bait, gas or bullets. Check in time is noon to 10:00pm.

Payable to:
Anglers Hideaway
P.O. box 155
Sekiu Washington 98381

Our phone number is 360-640-4106. Call or TXT.

Or e-mail us by CLICKING HERE

People are here on vacation for peace and quiet.
   Quiet well behaved pets are welcome but they must remain on a leash when outside. You scoop.

   A $100 deposit is required and will not be refunded if:
Seen  off leash.
We  receive any noise or aggression complaints.
Waste  is not cleaned up and disposed of right away